New hook

The Hookdrill amazes me!

“I use the portable drill press attachment, all the time.

I take it off sometimes but put it back on the drill.

This portable drill press jig works good.”

Safety instructions for the Hookdrill.

“Always wear eye-protection and  protective clothing.

When using the Hookdrill, Drill at fast speeds. When your close to finishing the hole, ease up on the pressure . Use cutting oil when drilling. Hold on with both hands. Doing this will protect you and your drill bits.“

Hooktools is here to make your job easier.

Hooktools will help you get the job done faster.

Custome built hooks for every drilling need.

“The Hookdrill, is the best portable drill press out there.

Hooktools is all about you having the best tools on the job.”

“I have other hook tools in mind.

I have to patent it first”.