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The Hookdrill is a Portable Drill Press.

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    " We are making attachments for the  Dewalt 20 dcd771br and their 18 volt drill, Porter Cable PCC601,Ridgid R8611503, Milwaukee brushless 2702-20, Milwaukee Fuel 2704-20, Ryobi P203, Hitachi DS18DGI, Bosch HDH181X, Snapon, Makita XPHO3. Note: There are many different models. We list some of the popular model numbers, so you can see if your drill looks the same. We also build hooks for corded drills! Buy now! Hooktools will hook you up! 1 year warranty on all our products.

This is what every one looks like when using the Hookdrill.

The Hookdrill is for construction.

This is how you feel when you use the Hookdrill. We are at the National Hardware Show in Vegas.

There are many fields this tool can be used. Fire sprinkler installers drill holes in pipe with a hole saw. Mechanic shops use it to drill out broken bolts in heads. Automotive shops that put lift kits on trucks used two people to drill holes in a frame. Now, one person can do it faster and easier. Hitch installers can drill 6 1/2" holes in a truck frame in no time. I have a customer who services RVs. He said he has to drill holes in a frame to install sway bars. Body shops use this tool to replace hail-damaged skins on automobiles. Fab shops will use this tool all day long. Metal building erectors  can drill holes in I-beams or purloins. Welders can drill pipe fences for gates.

Hook drill

The Hookdrill is ready to work. Snap a hook attachment onto your drill. Hook onto a piece of steel. Drill any size hole  with the Hookdrill. The Hookdrill will drill any hole up to 15 inches away from were you hook on.

 This tool is built to last.

Look at the quality of this tool. See the teeth on the hook.

Anyone can use the hook drill! It's easy! Simply adjust the hook close to the drill bit to drill through 1/4" to 1/2" inch steel. Hook the drill on, and put the drill bit were you want it. The drill sits at a angle when the drill is first placed. However, When you pull the drill straight, it pushes the drill bit against the steel with force. Now, start the drill, and feel the power of drilling with ease.